Your Consultation

All cosmetic surgeries and some non-invasive procedures include a pre-treatment consultation. At the consultation, Dr. ELMUSA will provide you with the required information so as to ensure that you are fully informed going into the surgery. However, the consultation is also the perfect time to ask any questions you may have. Some people have questions they have been wondering about for some time, while others may not even know what to ask. So, how should you prepare for the consultation?


What to Bring

Dr. ELMUSA will want to know about your current health condition as well as your medical history. Bring your records to help provide the most thorough amount of information – including allergies, prior surgeries, illnesses and the medical history of your immediate family. We recommend bringing any photos that you may have that illustrate your goals or expectations for the treatment.


What to Ask

In addition, the consultation is the perfect time for you to ask Dr. ELMUSA questions about their background and about the procedure, including information about possible risks or complications.


About the Doctor:You’ll want to make sure that the surgeon has had a lot of experience performing the procedure you are interested in. Find out how many of these procedures he has performed and how often they perform them. Ask to see patient Before-and-After photos. Ask if there are patients you can talk to who have had the procedure you are interested in.

About the Procedure:Find out exactly what happens during the procedure. What technique will be used? Are there newer techniques that you should know about? Will you have incisions? Where? What type of sutures will you have and will they require a separate visit for removal? Will you have anesthesia? What kind? Are there side effects with the anesthesia? How long will the surgery take? Where will it be performed? If you are interested in having more than one type of procedure performed ask if the procedures can be combined into a single surgery.

About Recovery:How much pain or discomfort should you expect afterwards? How will it be treated? How many days will you need to be away from work? Will your movement be limited? If yes, for how long? Will you require special dressings, bandages or garments? How noticeable will your surgery be to others? Should you avoid certain activities? If yes, for how long?

About Results:When will results be visible? How long will results last? What will and won’t be affected? Will you need follow-up treatments? What if you need a touch- up treatment or modification?

About Risks and Complications:What are the types of possible risks and the percentage of people who experience complications? What are side effects? Ask your physician to tell you about previous complications he has experienced in the past. While not a comfortable question, you should expect an honest answer.

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